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Casino Lobby


Along with a lobby overhaul, Episode 3 brought with it a new lobby area: the Casino. Here, various new NPCs, including the headmaster Deal, welcomes you to play it's various games and win big and unique prizes using a special currency called Casino Coins, or CC for short. The lobby includes some of the basic features of the Gate and Shopping lobbies as well as a block changer and a campship exit, so there's less of a need to leave in the event of an emergency quest. There are also multiple relaxation spots and a few secrets. so there's always something to do.

  • Lobby Layout
    • Unlike the Gate or Shopping lobbies, there is no area map, so the first thing you should do is learn the layout. Thankfully, the area is simple and easy to navigate.
    • The first room you will come into upon arriving is the fountain area, an upstairs square with various amenities presented as convenience in case of an emergency.
      • Along with a bar, a basic item shop, a quest counter, a storage box and a visiphone, a prize shop is located here, where you can exchange CC for prizes. There is also one in the main square.
      • The fountain area also contains two Pass Exchangers that will allow you to feed Casino Coin Passes to a Vol Dragon and have him pass judgement upon you. Each pass is worth anywhere between 100 to 500 CC.
    • The main area contains four packs of Rappy Slots, a few relaxation areas, a Prize Shop, a Jackpot display, and the Mesetan Shooter building as a centerpiece.
    • Various balloon holders peppered around the main area allows you to grab a balloon and rise into the air, giving the opportunity to explore the empty upper area or get a closer look at Deal in her Arkuma balloon.
    • On the outer edges of the main area are drink dispensers, which give out drinks for free. These drinks have absolutely no bearing on gameplay, your luck, or anything else whatsoever, and are simply there for some minor amusement. You will get one of these results at random:
      • Your Fortune: Excellent luck! (☆☆☆☆☆)
      • Your Fortune: Good luck! (☆☆☆☆)
      • Your Fortune: Lucky. (☆☆☆)
      • Your Fortune: Horrible! (☆☆)
      • Your Fortune: Very bad luck!! (☆)
      • It tastes delicious! (◇◇◇◇◇)
      • This is the most popular flavor. (◇◇◇◇)
      • It wasn't bad... but it wasn't that good. (◇◇◇)
      • I didn't really like the taste... (◇◇)
      • What a... unique taste. (◇)
      • This puts me in a great mood! (♪♪♪♪♪)
      • What a refreshing feeling. (♪♪♪♪)
      • I always feel this way. (♪♪♪)
      • I feel a bit down... (♪♪)
      • I'm tired and exhausted. (♪)
    • There is a hidden mark of Lilipa in the casino, 5 of them and their placement differs for every block, and are changed after every maintenance. Not only will you get a title for discovering one, you can hear the cries of lillipans!

  • Casino Coins (CC)
    • Every day you log in, a Casino Coin Pass is deposited into your inventory automatically. By using these at the Pass Exchanger, you can get free CC every day, just in case you run out spending or gambling them.
    • CC is tied to your account's ship information, meaning that they'll be shared between characters on the same ship automatically, but you cannot transfer them between ships.
    • Other than through the Pass Exchange or by winning games, you can also gain CC by using CC Winning Tickets recieved through titles or by exchanging AC Scratch items at the Recycle Shop.
    • There are also titles for having accumulated a certain amount of CC, but you must claim these titles before spending your CC once you're reached the milestone, or you will no longer be eligible for the title.
    • You cannot take CC out of the casino. Whenever you leave, the CC is automatically deposited into your storage, without taking up storage space. However, your storage cannot hold more than 30,000 CC! You will forfeit any leftover CC if you attempt to leave with more, so it is important to spend the excess or use AC to buy a CC storage expansion ticket before leaving the casino once your amount has exceeded that much.

  • Features
    • The Prize Shop can be found in two places, on the right hand side after stepping into the main area and on the left hand side from first coming into the lobby in the fountain area. There are two different lists, a regular prize list and a limited prize list whose prizes you can only take a limited number of, that resets every week.
    • The Rappy Slots can be found in four packs scattered on each side of the main area. This is a one player game that requires you to only pull a lever. Just find a free machine and get pulling!
    • Mesetan Shooter is found in the center of the main area, in groups of four. It can be played solo, but up to four people is recommended.
    • The Jackpot display next to the main area's Prize Shop tells you how much CC has accumulated into the Casino's current Jackpot. It starts at 200,000 and resets every week.
    • As time goes on, more games and features will be added to the Casino and there will be more ways to win CC.

Mesetan Shooter

Mesetan Shooter is a shooting game for up to four players that involves shooting Mesetans down and recieving coins through a pachinko slide. There is no restriction on who can play and people can play together even when playing different modes. Mesetan Shooter has a fair amount of skill involved, unlike Rappy Slots, however, so if you're not confident in them, it may be best to stick to the levers. However, with a little luck, Mesetan Shooter can be a much quicker and better source of CC income and is still fun to play with three other friends. Due to necessary skill, there is a little strategy involved in playing the game, which will be covered here.

  • To start, you spend a certain amount of CC to enter the game, at which point you will play for three waves before being asked if you want to spend more to keep going.
    • If you join a game in progress, you won't be able to collect any coins or power ups, but you will still be able to shoot, allowing you to contribute to the game before fully being in the game. This won't count against the three waves you paid for.
    • Once your three waves are over, you're asked if you want to continue playing, and what mode to continue playing under. If you do not choose within the ten seconds allotted for the new wave to start, you are automatically booted out.
    • How much you pay is determined by what mode you select. What mode you select determines the value of coins and bombs that go into your catcher, nothing else. Here is a list of modes and their effects:
      Mode Copper Silver Gold Black Bomb Red Bomb
      Bronze +1 +3 +5 -10 -20
      Silver +2 +6 +10 -20 -40
  • There are several types of enemies that will move back and forth between the left and right sides, and occasionally some will come from the top. They all take a certain amount of shots to defeat, and will leave after not being defeated for a certain amount of time. These are the enemies you will encounter:
    • Mesetans come in three different flavors; copper, silver and gold. They will drop a respective coin and will throw bombs at you if you do not shoot them down fast enough. The higher quality, the more shots it takes.
    • King Mesetans appear infrequently, more often during gold or mystery waves. They are very large Mesetans that require a lot of shots to defeat but will drop numerous coins based on the wave quality.
    • Queen Mesetan only appears during a PSE Burst Chance and will replace the wave she comes in entirely. She takes a very large amount of shots but defeat her to get a chance at a PSE Burst.
    • Nyau occasionally runs and jumps across the stage and does nothing other than that. Shooting him once will make him drop an Item. He also has a higher chance of increasing the PSE meter.
    • Mr. Boing is a somewhat rare enemy that comes in from the top on either side. Shooting him once will pop him open and release a Double Item.
    • Mr. Umblla arrives in from the top with a distinctive cry and floats around in front of the stage. If you shoot him, he'll cry and drop a bunch of bombs! He will also reduce the chance of increasing the PSE meter so definitely do not shoot him. Avoid shooting him at all costs and he'll eventually leave, dropping high quality coins and items.
  • Occasionally you will see Items, which resemble beach balls, fall down through the pachinko slide. These are dropped by the likes of Nyau, Mr. Umblla and Queen Mesetan.
    • You can have multiple effects on at once.
    • You cannot stack the same effect more than once, all that will happen is that the power up's timer will be set back to full.
    • Here is a list of effects:
      • Power Up reduces the frequency of your shots but drastically increases their power and introduces an AoE to their impact. The effect is shown as a glow around the barrel of your gun.
      • Speed Up causes the speed of your catcher to increase dramatically. The effect is shown as motion lines around your turret.
      • Big Catcher doubles the size of your catcher. Be careful however, as while catching coins becomes easier, it becomes a lot harder to avoid bombs. The effect is shown as an increased size to your catch indicator.
      • Double causes the value of all coins and bombs to be doubled for a short time. This power up comes from a special, striped ball only dropped by Mr. Boing. The effect is shown as your catch indicator glowing.
      • PSE Burst balls drop only from Queen Mesetan and appear as mirror spotted balls. Upon catch, it will give you the big catcher power up and allow you to collect coins during a PSE Burst. The effect is rather obvious.
  • You can see the next three waves ahead of time, which inludes the current one, represented by coins in the top right corner. You can even see future waves that you would have to pay to participate in. There is a copper, silver and gold wave, with King Mesetans and Mr. Umbllas appearing more often with higher quality waves, and a purple mystery wave that can spam any of the given common enemies, even Nyau!
  • Under the wave display is a meter that displays your current PSE level. You get PSE level ups from defeating enemies and the level will go down after a certain amount of time. The only way to raise your chances of getting a PSE level up is by defeating as many enemies as possible, making the Power Up item more useful.
  • When you fill up the PSE meter, you enter a PSE Burst Chance, and the current wave along with the next three waves will become gold waves. During this time, gold mesetans are far more common, and you have a chance of encountering Queen Mesetan. This lasts for all the gold waves it effected.
  • During the beginning of any given wave during a PSE Burst Chance, there is a chance for Queen Mesetan to appear in place of the regular wave, and the object becomes to shoot her down. She will drop coins, items and bombs the more she's shot, and when defeated, drops a PSE Burst ball.
  • There are three types of PSE Bursts, a regular one, a Super PSE Burst, and a NEO PSE Burst. You can recieve a title for achieving a NEO PSE Burst. A Super PSE Burst will give out more silver coins, and a NEO PSE Burst will give out more gold coins. Nothing influences which burst it is; it is completely up to luck.
  • During a PSE Burst, your catcher size is increased and an insurmountable amount of coins start falling in a gradual wave to and fro in middle of the pachinko slide. This is your chance to earn a lot of CC, but be warned, you must catch the PSE Burst ball or otherwise your catcher will be disabled during the burst and you will miss out on it entirely.

Rappy Slots

Rappy Slots are a single player game that can be played with a single button press. This is a completely luck based game that resembles real slot machines, although the odds are slightly in your favor. There are numerous machines spread out over the lobby, in four different sections, so there's almost always room for someone to play. You can also check the status of a machine before sitting down and starting a game. While the expected payouts can be lower and depend a little more on luck than it does with Mesetan Shooter, Rappy Slots can be relaxing and simple, and there's eye candy and amusement provided in the form of a random Rappy on the right hand side that talks to you occasionally.

  • Before actually playing, you can check the status of a machine. It will tell you how much it costs to play, how many bonus games it's observed since last maintenance, and how many coins are in it's rappy meter.
  • Every maintenance, the slots are reset and the amount of coins in the rappy meter for every machine is reinitialized to a random value between zero and four.
  • All nine of the reels present roll separately from one another, so many different combinations can happen at any given point.
  • There are eight different symbols that can be lined up, in any of the eight cardinal directions. They each have different payouts and might even do something special. These are the symbols that you can roll:
    Matches Payout Comments
    Footprints Bet x0 Does not trigger any match-related events.
    Summer Rappy Bet x1
    Frog Rappy Bet x2
    Latan Rappy Bet x4
    Love Rappy Bet x6
    Rappy 7 Bet x20 Largest payout without hitting the jackpot.
    Gold Rappy Bet x5 Rappy Meter +1
    WILDCARD Bet x10 Initiates Rappy PSE Burst.
    All 9 Reels WILD JACKPOT Payout is at least 200,000 CC. Must be rolled naturally.
  • In the event of a WILDCARD being rolled, it counts as any other symbol. (For example, two Summer Rappies and a WILDCARD will payout x1 of your bet)
  • Occasionally, the screen will zoom in and an event may happen when there's the potential to roll a match. The reaction of the Rappy on the right hand side upon starting a roll can also be a premonition of things to come.
  • Rarely, when a reel stops, the Rappy will poof away and do one of several things to turn the odds in your favor. These include running in from the side (which can fail as it trips), falling from the sky onto the stopped reel, or even introducing a stampede of rainbow colored rappies that will turn a bunch of reels into WILDCARDS!
  • A central mechanic of the Rappy Slots is the Rappy Meter on the left hand side that keeps track of your meter progress.
    • Gaining a point in the Rappy Meter involves matching at least three Gold Rappy symbols. Matching more lines at once increases the Rappy Meter by more.
    • Once the Rappy Meter is full, eight of the reels close and the middle reel spins, and you must stop it on a WILDCARD. A reticule will appear to help you. It is easiest to stop it on the second or third try, but you will fail the chance is you don't stop the reel in four tries.
    • If you successfully stop the reel on a WILDCARD, you will start a Rappy Chance Game. The middle reel will be locked into displaying a WILDCARD, your bet amount will be locked, and you will have five games to achieve a Rappy PSE Burst.
    • WILDCARDS will be more common to aid you in achieving a burst.
    • For each game that passes that you don't achieve a burst, a point of the Rappy Meter will be consumed. If you successfully burst, then afterwards, you will retain the leftover amount of Rappy Meter you had before bursting.
    • However, if you achieved a burst naturally without going to the Rappy Chance Game, then the Rappy Meter will be completely consumed after the burst.
    • When you achieve a burst, an announcement displays signifying your success, and the middle reel no longer becomes locked. You will get five games for one line of WILDCARDS you matched, six for two, and seven for three.
    • During the Rappy PSE Burst, any WILDCARDS you roll will become locked for future games until the burst ends, making it much easier to make matches and gives you a realistic chance at the valuable JACKPOT.
    • During the Rappy Chance Game and Rappy PSE Burst, special events can still happen involving the rappy on the right hand side. This includes the rainbow stampede, which greatly increases your chances of hitting the JACKPOT.
    • Note that the Rappy Meter or number of allowable games during a Rappy Chance Time or Rappy PSE Burst does not increase during either of them, even if you match the appropriate symbols.
  • You can view the payout totals, including the total JACKPOT, from within the Rappy Slot machine. The JACKPOT resets with every maintenance.
  • The machines do not allow idling. If you sit in one for 30 minutes without pulling the lever, it will automatically boot you from the seat.

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