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Due to high demand and criticism from various contributors about the structure of Cirnopedia, I've decided to redo the site from scratch into an open wiki format that can easily be edited by any user with an account. While most of you will rejoice about this news, this also means that previous functions like themes have been dropped.

I would also like to inform you all that the staff have decided to use the official English terms and names currently used by the SEA version and the upcoming NA version instead of the much favored fan-translations. This will make the wiki more professional and deliver a more consistent content than before. Content not yet released in English will remain to use the fan-translated terms until they become available.

Please note that since we're redoing the site from scratch, not all pages will be accessible until we finish adapting the old content into the newer format. Don't worry though as most pages are mainly tables, a majority of the pages have already been converted without any problems. This includes the Weapons, Units, Costumes, Outfits, Shops, and Hostiles.

The Tickets section still requires to be manually edited before it goes online, but considering that we have 26 users currently working on the site, expect it to be available sooner than later.

Although some pages can only be edited by confirmed accounts, you can still sign up for a free account if you wish to write new content or help with the rebuilding of the wiki. Please understand that this restriction is for the safety of the wiki and prevent vandalism.

That's all for now. See you next mission~

Did you know...


  • During Mining Base Defense: Despair or Annihilator's Purification, you can actually equip Axeon (pictured) for boosted EXP without being a burden to the whole multi-party. Since AIS (ARKS Interception Silhouette) aren't affected by equipments, you can leech without having to worry about your overall performance dropping.
  • You can earn an additional 500,000 meseta while doing Chroto's Extreme Client Requests by simply using a Meseta +50% and Triboost +50% to double all the meseta that drops from the entire quest. A weapon with Meseta Fever can boost this further.
  • All the new generation ARKS operatives were manufactured by the ARKS government to combat the D-arkers. This gives them full immunity to D-arker infection and allows them to change classes at will, unlike the older generation, but this also makes them vulnerable to mind-control by the higher ups at anytime.
  • Xion cannot be seen by other people aside from a selected few because she doesn't have her actual body. You have been talking to a remnant of her consciousness that escaped her body before being sealed away by Luther, in an effort to steal her powers.
  • Kuhna is the zeroth member (Cipher) of the Six Pillars of ARKS, making the actual member count of seven, which heavily contradicts their title.

Next maintenance

  • Date: April 1, 2015 (11:00 JST)
  • Client version: 3.0402.2
  • Patch size: 23 MB (PC) / 28 MB (Vita)

Latest news


  • April 1, 2015
    11:00 – Weekly Maintenance
    21:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    22:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 1-5)
    22:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    23:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 6-10)
  • April 2, 2015
    09:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 1-5)
    10:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 6-10)
    21:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    22:00 – Raging Dark Arms (Ship 1-5)
    22:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    23:00 – Raging Dark Arms (Ship 6-10)
  • April 3, 2015
    10:00 – Raging Dark Arms
    15:00 – Challenge Mode Boost
    21:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    22:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 1-5)
    22:30 – Kuhna's Concert
    23:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 6-10)
  • April 4, 2015
    13:00 – Mining Base Defense: Despair
    19:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 1-5)
    20:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 6-10)
    22:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 1-5)
    23:00 – Annihilator's Apparition (Ship 6-10)

Today's featured picture

Playtstaion 4 cover of Phantasy Star Online 2 (NA)

This is the Playstation 4 cover of the upcoming North American release of Phantasy Star Online 2 EPISODE 3 slated to be released late Q4 of 2015. A European release is also slated to be released early Q2 of 2016 but will not have support for multiple languages other than English.
Cover: Phantasy Star Online 2 EPISODE 3: Yuya Kimura and Satoshi Sakai

Phantasy Star Online 2 Community

  • PSO-World – The world's largest Phantasy Star community.
  • PSO2 General – Need a partner for ERP? You like to post Rappy pictures? You can shitpost all of them here.
  • PSO2 Reddit – The place to discuss stuff we already finished discussing ages ago in PSO2g or PSO-World.
  • Bumped – Where to grab the latest news about PSO2. Read here first before asking.
  • Broomop – Talk about hacks, trainers and other illegal online activities like RMT.

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